Lawrenceville Duluth Alumni Chapter – LDAC

Large Chapter – Established March 7, 2008 – Chapter Website

Meeting Dates: 1st Monday of every month

The Lawrenceville-Duluth (GA) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. was chartered on March 7, 2008 by forty-four dedicated brothers. The chapter’s focal point is to embody the interests of the fraternity and demonstrate its ability to lead others in the community we embrace. Through our national Service programs, leadership development and personal achievements, we shall continue to uphold our Fraternity’s grand purpose.

Executive Commitee


  • Polemarch: David Haseeb
  • Vice Polemarch: Dr. Dion Jones PhD
  • Keeper of Records: Shawn Golden
  • Keeper of Exchequer: William Owens
  • The chapter consists of Educators, Doctors, Managers, Engineers and Military men, who continue to make great contributions to the Fraternity. Presently, the Lawrenceville-Duluth (GA) Alumni Chapter has over 100 active local members.

Chapter Website